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Benefits of Hiring a DUI attorney In Chandler

When you are pulled over and charged with a dui, you should call a Chandler dui lawyer as soon as possible. The law can be very punishing to people who are caught driving under the influence. You never know what the judge will decide. The judge may decide to punish you severely for driving while intoxicated. Having the best Chandler dui attorney by your side will help you avoid severe punishment. A lawyer will know exactly what to do to get you off the hook. If you are not sure whether you should hire a DUI lawyer Chandler or not, here are reasons that should convince you to hire one as soon as possible;

1. An attorney understands the law related to dui inside out

An attorney has gone through law school and has been practice law for a long time. This makes him/her understand the law inside out. He has probably represented someone who was in the same situation that you are in now before. This makes him know exactly what needs to be done to get you off the hook. The law related to dui has a lot of intricacies. There is no way that you are going to defend yourself effectively if you are not a lawyer. Even if you are a Chandler lawyer, you may not be able represent yourself well. This is because your case may lead to a lot of emotions. Having someone who understands the law inside out representing you increase the chances of things going your way.

2. You will have someone to speak on your behalf

Having a chandler dui lawyer like GordwinLaw speaking on your behalf will be very helpful when you are facing dui charges. It easy for the opposing lawyer or prosecutor to corner you to make you say things that will work against you in a court of law. When you have a good lawyer by your side, this is something that will not happen. This is because your lawyer will always object whenever you are asked a questions that you are not supposed to answer. Also, your lawyer will always speak on your behalf. A lawyer knows the things to say and the thing that are not supposed to be said. Having a Chandler attorney who understands your situation better speaking on your behalf increases your chance of getting out of the challenges you are facing as a winner.

Picture of a Chandler DUI Lawyer

3. An attorney knows how to analyze the evidence presented against you and how to use it to benefit you

An attorney knows how to analyze the evidence that has been presented against you carefully and figure out how to use it in court in your favor. Your Chandler dui attorney can easily poke holes in the evidence that has been presented by the prosecution. He/she will know the things to point to convince the court that you do not deserve the punishment that the prosecutor is advocating for.

4. An attorney knows people at the police department

It is highly likely that an attorney who has been practicing for several years knows a few people at the police department. He can talk to them to learn more about the evidence that has been put against you as well as to gain access to the police records. This means that your dui lawyer Chandler will be able to get information that you can’t get. This information can be used to convince the court to rule in your favor.

5. A dui attorney like GordwinLaw can delay your case until you get a judge that is likely to give the best judgement

An experienced attorney is obviously familiar with all the judges that are likely to preside over your case. He knows the judge that is likely to punish you severely and the one that is likely to give a favorable judgment. When your case is being presided over by a judge who is likely to punish you severely for driving under the influence, your dui lawyer Chandler can be able to delay your case until you get a judge who is likely to give a favorable judgement. It can be difficult to delay a case when you don’t have a lawyer. Even if you can delay your case, you probably don’t know the judge that can give you a favorable judgment.

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